Difference Between Ham and Canadian Bacon

The basic difference between Ham and Canadian Bacon is the composition. While Canadian bacon is taken from the lion region on the pig’s back, ham consists of meat from the legs, shank and butt. The Canadian bacon has better nutritional value and has lesser fat in comparison to ham. It also comprises of lesser calories and is very popular as a breakfast meal. On the other hand, ham is mostly consumed at lunch and dinner as it has relatively higher fat value and because it has a higher level of cholesterol and carbohydrates in comparison.


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    Both meats come from different compositions. Although both consist of pig meat, there is a difference from which part they are taken. Canadian bacon is cut from the loin region of the pig. This is the fatback area on the pig’s back and the meat is popularly used in sliced form only. On the other hand, Ham is taken from the shank, butt and leg areas. The meat is used in many forms that include the diced, sliced and whole forms.

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    There has been a lot of debate over the years on which type is healthier. Canadian bacon is considered to be healthier as it is lower in fat and also comprises of lesser calories than ham. This is the primary reason why Canadian bacon is eaten in the morning rather than at lunch or dinner.

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    Canadian bacon is preferred when it is cooked and soft. Many claim that it is best and most effective to have bacon when it is well cooked and juicy. On the other hand, ham is used in a variety of dishes such as soups and sandwiches.

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    Canadian bacon comprises of lesser calories that ham which is why it is marketed as the healthier of the two options. The Canadian bacon also has lower levels of cholesterol, carbohydrates and fat. On the other hand, ham generally has a sugary glaze to it which is not very popular with diet conscious individuals. So, the bacon has good nutritional value to it in comparison to ham.

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