Difference Between Inspiron and Studio Laptops

Dell laptops are known to be some of the best around the world due to being extremely reliable and affordable for the quality that they give. There are many different varieties that are available and you should only settle for the one that meets all of your needs. It is crucial to compare with other brands as well to see which one offers the most bang for the buck, but in the end, it is highly likely that choosing Dell will be the best option due to features offered and the pricing as well.

The biggest difference between Inspiron and Studio laptops is that the former is basically entry level and affordable for basically anyone looking to get a laptop. Inspiron laptops do also get feature packed as you continue adding goodies to them, but a basic model will suit all your needs of having a good quality laptop at hand. While the Studio series will require some extra cash but does give you a bunch of other features as well. Both series of laptops has a number of different styles and colours to choose from, but the Studio series has a number of media buttons and varieties in look as compared to the Inspiron laptops.

Base configuration is another major way of distinguishing the two series as the Inspiron laptops start off with what is considered basic at the time and offers a smaller battery compared to the Studio laptops. The base configuration will obviously not remain the same, but will continue changing with the advancement in technology as new processors get old. The hard drive base configuration is also most likely to be different between the two as well, while one model may have an older processor and less memory, but due to the other features involved, the price tag may be the same.

So, when differentiating between Dell Inspiron and Studio laptops, it is very important to distinguish between needs and wants, base configurations and upgrades, along with newer and better technology and not just the price tag.

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    Dell Inspiron

    The base configuration model of Dell offers the most basic and advanced technology under one brand name. It may not always meet the needs of entertainment freaks but has everything one would look for in a laptop.

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    Dell Studio

    Packed with multimedia features, a Dell Studio laptop is perfect for those who love watching content on their laptops and need the large battery capacities to match it as well.

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