Difference between Keurig and Tassimo

There are many common habits that humans maintain all over the world no matter how different their ways are. One such habit is to drink a hot beverage, particularly early in the day. Coffee and tea are two of the most famous hot beverages in the world. Both also add a bit of an extra zip with the dose of caffeine that they have to offer.

There are many kinds of coffees that can be enjoyed and there are several ways in which these can be brewed. The more favoured way of making coffee though, appears to be the coffee making machine.

Those who use them are certainly familiar with the name of Keurig and Tassimo, two of the more established names in the coffee machine industry. Although the end result is the same, these machines have certain differences amongst them.

The first difference is that Keurig is an American company that was established in 1990. On the other hand, Tassimo is a French company that came into existence in 2004.

Keurig is more cost effective and a cup of coffee brewed in it costs around 50 cents, compared to 60-90 cents that are spent on Tassimo.

The cleaning of Keurig can only be done manually. Tassimo on the other hand, offers manual as well as semi automatic cleaning which is an additional advantage.

It is claimed that Tassimo, known to make Latte, espresso and cappuccino, can make eight different kinds of beverages.

The K-Cups offer over 250 flavours, so there is plenty of choices for those who like different kinds of warm beverages. The Tassimo offers around 75 options as well.


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    The company was established in 1990 and was taken over by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2006. There are many models that are available in the market but K-Cup seems to be the most preferred option.

    It offers already made cup packs inserted into the machine for brewing. Hundreds of thousands are being used and Keurig is one of the favourite machines in offices.

    Image Courtesy: keurig.ca

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    The brand was originally owned by Braun and later by Bosch. It has several models that are available in the market. It assesses the quantity of water required and the time that is to be taken in the brewing process by reading a bar code that is placed on the coffee pods.

    It generally takes 30-60 seconds to get one cup of coffee made. These are installed in a great number of offices worldwide.

    Image Courtesy: tassimo-coffeemaker.com

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