Difference between Lawyer and Barrister

A larger number of people throughout the world think that lawyer and barrister are two different words used for a legal professional but he or she practices the same things. In other words, they think the both words can be used interchangeably as the lawyer and barrister perform same thing. However, with a closer evaluation, you will be able to find the fact that despite many similarities, there are many differences between a lawyer and barrister which makes these two terms distinguished from each other.

A lawyer is basically a general word that is extensively used for advocates, solicitors and barristers. However, barrister is a person who has got a law degree and prepares cases of different clients in chambers because he has done specialisation in making arguments in law courts. On the other hand, a lawyer does not argue cases as his duty is to provide guidance and advice to his clients about a certain case.  Lawyer tells different options to the clients and prepares their case and sends it to the barrister who makes arguments in a law court. In a broader sense, a barrister has an upper hand over the lawyer in many aspects including his specialisation after completing the formal law degree which makes him superior to a lawyer who only prepares the case and tells different legal options to the clients. Keep reading to know more details about the lawyer and barrister.


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    Lawyer is the word that is extensively used by people for a person who has completed his graduation degree in the field of law and starts practicing law after the formal education. He is a qualified and trained legal professional who helps people in by providing them different legal options through which their matters can be resolved. He gives legal information to people regarding their rights and obligations and also helps them in resolving matters while remaining in legal jurisdiction which makes him one of the most beneficial persons for the society.

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    Barrister is a word that is used for a lawyer who has specialised in a certain domain after completing his formal graduate degree in law. After the law degree, he completes a course named as Bar at Law that earns him the status of a barrister. Barrister is the legal professional who argues the cases of his clients in the court of law. His main duty is to advocate his client’s case in the court of law. He is a member of a particular body of law professional and this body of professional is also called Bar Association.

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