Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions

LCD and LED televisions are two types of televisions that are made from vaguely the same technology and parts. However, there are some differences between the two that really make them stand apart.

The LCD ones have a liquid crystal display in them, while the LED ones have a light emitting diode inside them.

Both these televisions produce a good bright pictures and are flat screen televisions. They are easily movable and come in very large sizes as well.

Neither one of these are cheap to get a hold of, and can cost a lot of money. The LCD television came in before the LED television, but now as time is progressing, the LED television has slowly but surely started to get more popular.


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    The LCD use a display technology that helps them produce a very vibrant color output. The LCD televisions are very thin and light because they have a very small and light. This televisions used to be very expensive in the past, but with the development of technology and the advancements that it has made in recent years, these televisions have gone on to become very cheap and affordable.

    They are now the televisions that most people buy, and are the ones that are very easily available everywhere these days.

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    An LED Television uses a flat panel display. Instead of using a cathode lighting, they use an LED backlighting system, which gives them a color output, which can’t be compared to anything else.

    The main advantage of these televisions, is that they are very light and with them using LEDs they can be made very thin and can be moved around far more easily as compared to any other form of television out there.

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    The LCD televisions have a very good bright display, with a no glare technology implemented into the screens. They have some disadvantages, which sees the black screen look a little grey at times. However, they are cheap and affordable these days, making them the most commonly sold and bought television set out there.

    The LED set can be considered to be a think LCD. The only difference being that they use LED emitters to get the color on the set. This makes the output more vibrant and appealing.

    At the same time, these sets can be less than two inches thick, making them very light weight.

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