Difference Between Vegemite and Marmite

Food spreads are liked by children and adults alike. There is a huge variety of food spreads available in the market these days and you might get baffled in choosing one for yourself. Most food spreads contain yeast extracts but it is chicken, meat, cheese, chocolate, vegetable, etc., which separates them from one another. Vegemite and Marmite are two of the most popular food spreads used all over the United States. There different taste and ingredients separate these two food spreads from each other.

Vegemite is an Australian food paste made from yeast and vegetable extracts, and then flavoured with spices and minerals. Vegemite is widely used as a spread for sandwiches, crumpets, toast, cracker biscuits and as a filler for pastries. Its main ingredient, yeast extract, is a by-product of beer manufacturing and this makes its taste a bit bitter and malty. Vegemite is dark brown in colour and has a smooth texture.

Marmite manufacturers also uses yeast extract and salt as the main ingredient for making this food spread. Vegetable extracts, several spices and celery extract are also added to Marmite. It is a rich source of Vitamin B, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid and cobalamin. It is originally a British product but since the year 2000, Unilever has started to manufacture it. A newer version of Marmite is also manufactured by Sanitarium Health Food Company in New Zealand. Marmite has a dark brown colour and extremely salty in taste.


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    Vegemite was first introduced in Australia in 1923 and was liked immensely by local population. It got popular overseas in 1939 when the British Medical Association declared Vegemite as ‘nutritionally balanced food’, as it is a great source of Vitamin B. Vegemite is not only vegetarian, but kosher, halal and free of artificial flavouring and colours as well. Kraft Walker Cheese Company currently manufactures Vegemite in United States. It is also estimated that over 25 millions jars of Vegemite are sold worldwide every year.

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    Conventional Marmite jars come with a yellow lid and a red and yellow label. The vitamins and nutrients present in Marmite make it perfectly balanced food item for children and adults alike. Marmite needs not to be stored in a refrigerator after first opening it. You can keep a jar of Marmite at room temperature and it has a sufficiently long shelf life.

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