Difference between Locked and Unlocked Phone

Communication in today’s world is a very important. Everyone wants to stay connected to others and wants to know that how his/her friends are doing. With more tools available to communicate, one can never be away from the loved ones for too long.

Cell phones have played an important part in this communication revolution and are highly responsible for keeping people in touch with each other. With phones that now have their own operating systems – smart phones – we can use many of the communication tools that were previously available only on the computer.

The smart phones cost quite a bit. In order to lure more users, many cell phone service providers offer them at subsidized rates in exchange for a long term commitment with the service provider. There is a major difference between a normal cell phone and a cell phone provided by a service provider.

The phones form the service providers are locked and therefore, can only be used with the sim card of the given service provider. They cannot be used with another company’s sim.

Unlocked phones are the ones which were once locked but by using a software, have been unlocked and can be used with the sim card of any service provider all over the world.


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    Locked Phones

    These are coded phones that will only work with a certain cell phone service provider. These can be used overseas with other service providers but there is a hefty fee for that in most cases. The phones are just like any other phone but they can only be used with one service provider.

    The prices are sometimes a third of what the phone is selling for in the market but there is a requirement of generally a two-year contract with the company. Violation of the contract results in severe penalties.

    They often carry several logos of the service provider on the front and the back.

    - Image Courtesy: digitaltrends.com

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    Unlocked Phones

    The phones from which coding has been removed and can be used with any service provider are known as unlocked phones. The only difference between them and normal phones is that they were once locked and were unlocked. These can be used with all service providers.

    They are available online most often and one can get a good deal on them. Mostly these are used though there are some that are brand new as well. They do carry the logos of the service provider who originally offered them to the buyer.

    - Image Courtesy: thedailynewsonline.com

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