Difference between Locomotion and Movement

Movement is one of the basic requirements of life. No one can stay steady forever and survive. Everything in this universe is in motion as that is the way the whole process works. Indeed without motion, the universe would cease to exist.

There are several movements that one does involuntarily and voluntary as well. Two terms that are often associated with motion are locomotion and movement. Both are very common and used side by side. They have the same basic premise but a their meaning is different in both cases.

Locomotion is the complete movement of a body, be it human, animal or anything else. On the other hand, movement is motion of any kind. From the internal motion of the atom to moving of a hand, all are types of movement.

Locomotion is done on a micro level and requires an organism to move as a whole. However, movement can be at an organism level or at a cellular or even atomic level. Movement also encompasses locomotion.

Locomotion is a voluntary action in most cases. Movement on the other hand can be both voluntary as well as involuntary.


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    It is the movement of the body as a whole. Generally locomotion is done using limbs to move around in both humans and animals. However, with the advancement in technology, humans can now do the same using various means of transportation.

    The kind of locomotion in a certain species is done through various ways which are dissimilar to humans and animals. It is especially different in smaller organisms particularly those that are tiny. That is their natural way to move.

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    Movement is the term used for motion at any level. It can be at atomic, cellular or organ. It is also a term used for the motion of a whole organism. Movement can vary in nature and can be done on purpose or otherwise.

    There are countless types of motion that take place at all levels. Some of these movements, such as that done in breathing and digestion of food are extremely important for the survival of animals and humans. Some movement can be involuntary as your brain controls various bodily functions to ensure that you are constantly breathing, blinking your eyes etc.

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