Difference between Luke and Jai

In 2011, a couple of people in Australia formed a comedy group, whose purpose was to produce internet videos, which they primarily posted on YouTube. The group was known as the Janoskians, and they considered themselves to be entertainers.

Janoskians stands for ‘Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation’ and almost all of their videos can be found with ease on YouTube. These videos are based on situational comedy.  This group consists of five members, Luke, Jai, James, Daniel and Beau. Out of all these members, it is very hard to differentiate between Luke and Jai, simply because of the fact that they are twins.

Luke Brooks and Jai Brooks are identical twins, who look exactly like each other. This often leads to most of their fans finding it very hard to tell the two apart. Beau, who is also in the group, is Luke and Jai’s older brother, but looks nothing like the two.

Luke and Jai both participate in all the videos and skits that the group writes down. However, Luke is the chief editor of the group, which means that he is the one responsible for editing videos before they are posted online. Jai is a left hander, while Luke is a right handed person. Jai is a few minutes younger than Luke; he is also a very big Justin Bieber fan, and wishes to become a famous singer one day. However, Luke does not wish to pursue a musical career, and is more than happy with the way things are going for him.

Physically, Luke is a little taller and slightly bulkier as compared to Jai. This is very hard to tell when you watch them in their videos, but becomes more apparent when you meet them in person.


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    He is part of the Janoskians group on Youtube. He is right handed and has a freckle in the middle of this nose. He also has his lips and both ears pierced.

    Image Courtesy: fanpop.com

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    He is also a part of the Janoskians group on Youtube. He is left handed. He has one of his ears pierced and wishes to be a singer in the future.

    Image Courtesy: fanpop.com

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