Difference between Lutheran and Evangelical

Lutheranism and Evangelical are two sects of Christianity, having distinct ideologies and worship practices.

Although Lutheranism and Evangelical sects are Protestant denominations and have a lot in common, there are some major differences that make the two faiths distinguishable; not to mention non-Christians, even Christians sometimes confuse the two sects and fail to differentiate.

Lutheranism was established and spread by German reformer Martin Luther. Evangelicalism, which puts its faith in the Protestant Church, started flourishing during 1730s.

Lutheranism believes that God is in the Eucharist, while Evangelical Christians espouse a different ideology on this issue. Evangelical Christians strictly adhere to the teachings of Bible and do not believe in reformed theologies.


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    Lutheranism is a Protestant Christian denomination that follows its own set of rules and worship practices. The sect was founded by a renowned German reformer Martin Luther, who thought at the time of his prime that the Catholic Church did not represent true Christian values.

    Luther started propagating a new version of Christianity and soon split up with the mainstream Roman Catholic Church. He wrote extensively on theology and how it can be reformed keeping in view the changing times and advancement. Luther soon spread his message across all Europe and countries such as Germany, Norway and Sweden became the stronghold of Lutheranism.

    Due to its staunch stance over some basic issues, Lutheranism had to face stiff opposition from Roman Catholic Church and soon found itself being condemned by leading priests and pastors. Despite this, other denominations of Christians, especially Roman Catholic Church could not do much and the growth of Lutheranism continued in some eastern European countries and Scandinavia.

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    Evangelicalism is a Protestant Christian denomination that has been around since 1730s. Evangelical Christians believe in Holy Spirit like other denominations of Christians do, but it differs from other sects in several ways.

    The sect gained a solid foothold in England in its early days and expanded to other European countries like Scotland, Ireland and even the United States of America.

    Evangelical Christians do not believe in reforms and like to adhere to old values defined by Jesus and God. The sect also believes in the purity and completeness of Bible and is against the idea of mixing reforms with the word of the Holy Book.

    Evangelical church does not encourage baptism of infants. It espouses the ideology of born-again experience and encourages its followers to seek forgiveness by practicing teachings given by Jesus. Gospel has enjoyed a very special status in Evangelical churches since the beginning.

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