Difference between Movie and Cinema

Not much people would be confused regarding the difference between a movie and a cinema. Nevertheless, there is always an exception and if you have little doubt about the difference between movie and cinema, this article will help you. A movie is presentation of a story which demands the involvement of certain people to perform their specific roles and is then represented to the target audience. In contrast, a cinema is a place where people go with their friends and families to watch a particular movie.


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    A movie is a sequence of still images that operate together in order to provide a motion picture to the audience. It involves the hard work and efforts of hundreds of people that perform different tasks. Without performing their responsibilities, it is hard for any person to make a good movie. In general, the script writer chooses a particular topic and writes the script on it, keeping in mind the demand of target audience with current trends of the world. It then requires a group of people who are willing to perform different roles laid down in the script by the author. Not to mention that suitable background sounds and music are selected for the particular movie and embedded in the scenes. Nowadays, there has been a drastic increase in the usage of hi-tech editing and graphics visualisation in the movies to provide ultimate experience to the crowd. After the movie is completed, it is then sold to people around the globe, giving them authority to view the footage.

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    Cinema is a place where the public goes and watch the type of movies they want. This often requires a huge investment, which is mostly the one time investment. A cinema is a place which has a big screen; a good seating place and a wonderful sound system so that it could provide an ultimate experience to the audience. The Cinema owners purchase movies from the producers and only then they are allowed to display the motion picture. After purchasing the rights to display a movie, they then decide the ticket fee for each person. The cinema also includes a small shop offering fast food, popcorn and drinks to their customers. In addition, a cinema owner can hold multiple shows of a particular or multiple movies in a day to entertain the target audience.

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