How to Decorate a Cinema for a Function

Watching movies is one of the most enjoyable ways to waste time. This is because you get such a brilliant experience watching the movie, that you just don’t want to leave even when it is over.

However, based on how enjoyable watching movies in theatres are, some people tend to rent out movie theatres to host special functions or events. Now when these functions take place, these hosts tend to get rather confused over how to decorate the cinema, given the fact that not many people can manage to convert a movie theatre into a function zone.


  • 1

    Choose theme

    The first thing you need to do in order for your theatre to be up to the mark, is to select a theme for your decorations. You need to develop a consistent theme in order for you to get the best out of your decorations.

    Failing to pick a theme would result in you not maintaining a consistency in your decorations and this would end up making the event fail to live up to expectations.

  • 2

    Include lobby

    You need to keep in mind that there would be very little space inside the theatre for tables and other things, this is why you should consider using the lobby as a part of your design.

    You can set up snack tables out on the lobby, and you can slowly build them up to walking into the theme that you have going.

  • 3

    Use lights

    Another way to really spark up the cinema, is for you to use lights. Try incorporating some lights into the decoration. Don’t go ahead and use spotlights, but instead use some soft lights like the ones used on Christmas trees and so on.

    These will really give a positive boost to the ambience.

  • 4

    Have signs

    In order for your guests to not get confused and find the right theatre, you need to have large signs. These signs will help everyone find the theatre that they are supposed to go to, and they will also promote your event without you having to tell everyone just what is going on.

  • 5

    Use balloons, streamers and confetti

    Another way to create a hype and buzz is to use balloons, streamers and some confetti. This will really give the event the upscale feel that it needs and will make the event look rather well.

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