BFI London Imax Cinema

Having the biggest screen in Britain, BFI IMAX is a South Bank cinema with 500 seating capacity. The 3D movies played in the cinema takes the audience virtually in the realm of the scene or setting of the movie. The BFI IMAX pulls a great number of opera lovers to itself who enjoy the live opera performances.

For night owls, the midnight and late shows are the perfect choice to enjoy their favorite movie on the large screen. The cinema warmly welcomes the students and provides them with an opportunity to entertain themselves and also acquire knowledge. Special time slots can be taken by the school administration for their students.

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Contact: +44 20 7199 6000


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    BFI is a charity organization founded in 1933 and performs cultural and industrial roles like film distribution, publishing and events. BFI IMAX cinema is one such programme which employs the Britain’s largest screen and plays 3-D movies for the entertainment of Londoners.

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    Things to Do at BFI IMAX

    People watch live opera, enjoy movies of various genres on the 3-D screen, and hire the venue for private or corporate events. The cinema also has a cafe and bar that sells snacks and beverages for the audience.

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    Booking for BFI IMAX

    Bookings can be done online or via telephone. For online bookings click here. To buy the tickets in person, visit the venue where ticket counters open from 10:30 till 15 minutes before final screening. For buying tickets via telephone use the telephone number above.

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    How to Contact BFI IMAX

    You can contact the Cinema on telephone number above or else click here to contact the  BFI IMAX online.

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    BFI IMAX, Waterloo Road, Lambeth, Greater London, United Kingdom

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    How to get to the BFI IMAX

    By Tube

    The nearest tube station is Waterloo station, separated by a distance of only 0.1 miles. The distance can be covered in only 3 minutes on foot. After getting off the underground station head northeast on York Rd and turn left and then right to get onto the left side of the same (York Rd). It will get to the roundabout from the left side and you will spot the cinema on your right hand side. View Map.

    By Bus

    The nearby “Waterloo Road (Stop L)” is just 282 feet away from the cinema. This distance can be easily covered in 1 minute on foot. Firstly, use bus number 381 or N343 to drop at the bus stop. Head southwest on Stamford St and take the right road from the fork to enter the roundabout. You will find the cinema on your left side. View Map

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