How to Become a Contestant on a Tv Game Show

We’ve all come across a situation where we think that we could have done much better than the contestants on our favourite game show. While nearly all of us have imagined participating in TV shows, the prospects are considered far from realistic and practical. However, it may not be too far fetched an idea, provided the opportunity presents itself at the right time.


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    As a starting reference, you must know the game show thoroughly. Learning the logistics will put you in a better place than all other contestants. Practice the content of the show at home by reviewing past recordings and other key elements associated with the game such as buzzer rounds, trick questions etc.

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    Make sure that you are aware of the eligibility criteria. Most shows would require contestants to be over 18 and the residents of that particular nation. Also, you must not be a politician or an employee of that show. However, there are exceptions to these rules, depending on the nature of the show. Moreover, some are likely to choose contestants from the audience so it is important that you plan accordingly and get tickets before-hand. This could be a tiring process as the audience spends hours on the studio set. Make sure that you have time to spare and stay on the set for long hours.

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    It is better to take the normal route and leave the rest on luck. Visit the game show’s website to learn about auditioning and other necessary requirements. Most often you have to travel to another city, but filling the application form will still be the preferred starting point. If you get selected, and other logistics permit, then you may just be inclined to travel.

    In some cases, you will need to visit the TV network’s official website to obtain the details. After filling out the application, game shows may hold an open casting call.

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    If you have been selected or get the chance for auditioning, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. In some cases, you will be provided outfits so make yourself comfortable and follow all the procedures. At the time of interview, you must be bold and confident. You will be required to show-off your skills and this is the ideal time to impress the judges.

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    Having won the right to contest in a game show, you will be required to sign a document, which will clarify all related rules and regulations you need to follow. Moreover, if you win the game, your winning prize will be subject to tax.

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