How to Get Jobs for Teens in Movie Theaters

Although Movies are loved by people of every age group, Teens are extremely fond of watching them, especially in theatres. Movie theatres are one of the primary sources of first job for any teen, as it requires very little or no previous experience.

However, most of the teens think that getting a job in a movie theatre is one of the hardest things, which is in reality quite the opposite. One can easily find and have a job in a movie theatre.


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    Search for all the cinemas that are near you on the World Wide Web. Then go to their websites, as many of them accept applications or resumes online.

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    If you have any experience of customer service, then apply for the ticket selling job. Although many of the cinemas use automated machines to hand out tickets, they still hire a person or two to facilitate the people that prefer to buy the tickets on cash.

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    If you have any prior experience of handling food or drinks, then apply for the concession stand job. Apart from ticket selling, most of the movie theatres’ revenue is generated from selling food or drinks to the people. And getting a job behind the concession counter is not that difficult for any teen.

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    Never underestimate your abilities, and you can always apply for other job positions as well. For instance, one can also apply for the ticketing staff member, who inspects purchased tickets and directs people to the right counters or hallways. However, this position will only be suitable for you if you have skills in handling people.

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    It is recommended to walk-in in the theatre in person, and speaks to the manager of the movie theatre or any other individual, who is taking care of all the hiring. Always inquire about all the jobs availability and about the procedure of applying for that specific job position. Once you have all the details, follow those details and hand out your application to the person, whom you contacted. Always be polite and show your interest towards having the job.

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    If you are called for an interview, reach your destination earlier than your actual time. Never visit unprepared, as it will only affect your chances of appointment. Use a formal title to address the interviewee.

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