How to Get a Good Seat at the Movies

Going to the movies is fun. You can watch your favourite action stars or have a blast with a romantic comedy. Everyone likes a special type or types of movies. To add to the fun, having a seat in the right place is a great idea.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to seating but a general consensus is that good seats are more towards the centre and are reasonably high. Getting the seats of your liking is something that you can do if you are smart and have a plan.


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    Get to the Cinema Early

    Make sure that you get the cinema early, preferably twenty minutes to half an hour before the show starts. Grab your tickets. Some cinemas may have tickets with specific seat numbers and you can request the seats of your liking. If that is not the case, coming early will allow you to pick the seats of your liking. Before you get to the hall, grab your snacks so that you can remain seated for the length of the movie.

    If you are at the movies with friends or family, you can delegate the task of finding the right seats to others while you empty your pockets on the overpriced snacks. Let other do it while you head to the hall, it’s even better.

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    Look Around

    Once you have reached the hall in which you will be watching the movie, look around and find the seats that you feel will be the best. Try to find a spot that is not crowded as people around you can sometimes be annoying as they chat during the movie. It can also be bothersome if they keep on moving around which youngsters in particular do a lot.

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    Avoid Sides

    By coming early, you have kept many options open for you and you should be able to find a seat of your liking. Make sure that you do not sit on the sides as the view is not very good. Also avoid seats that are next to the walking aisle as most people will get in contact with you when they are leaving for any reason.

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