How to Manage a Movie Theater

Managing a movie theater is not only fun but it can also be opted as a great career. It is especially for those people who love movies but this job is tougher than it looks. A movie theater manager has to look after food provided in the theater cafeteria, customer management, managing employees, janitor work and proper scheduling. You should be able to manage a theater so that it brings in maximum profit to you.


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    Jobs of the movie theater

    A movie theater manager should learn about all jobs of the movie theater. It is a manager's job to train and hire the qualified employees ranging from supervisor to janitors. A manager needs to fill out the spot where there is a shortage of employees e.g. if an employee has left then a manager needs to hire another employee for that job. He should also hire more employees at peak time and should know every work in order to gain respect.

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    Hire an assistant manager

    In case there is a huge movie theater to look after then a manager can hire an assistant to help him. The assistant can organize and look after the movie theater e.g. he can keep an eye on janitors or other employees and even check the paper work. He can even help the manager run the movie theater or a part and advise him to make the movie theater even better.

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    Projector maintenance

    A manager should learn about the projector and its maintenance. Projectors are like heart of the movie theater and thus they need to be checked regularly. The projectors need to be maintained all time or it may damage the quality of the movie.

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    Scheduling skills

    Manager needs to have sharp scheduling skills so he can show the latest movie on the right time. The managers are not only responsible for proper scheduling of movies but events and employees as well.

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    Study films

    Managers need to resolve problems or settle dispute over films either latest or historical. Thus they need to gain knowledge about films as well.

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    Gather handyman skills

    Managers need to have many different skills like plumbing or electrical. These skills will come handy especially at the peak hours when suddenly a toilet breaks. A manager will then require fixing that problem manually. In bigger movie theatres, manager may hire electrician and plumbers permanently who will be present there all the time.

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