How to Sneak Food into a Movie Theater

Most people love watching movies in movie theaters. However, most movies tend to take a very long time to conclude, and during the course of the movie, the viewers tend to get hungry. At this point in time, they look to try and get their hands on any snacks that they can.

This is the point at which all the problems arise. The movie theaters offer snacks and other sorts of food items, however, the prices which they charge are rather absurd to say the least.

In order to counter this, most movie watchers no try to sneak food into the theatre in order to try and save money on the food that they consume while they are in there.


  • 1

    Carefully choose snacks

    The first step to sneaking food into the theatre is to select just what food you want to take with you. You are going to want to try and select items that are small, easily cancelable and dry. You can’t be taking food with you like hamburgers and pizzas, which is why you need to rely on candy bars, jellies and small packets of chips.

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    Wear baggy clothes

    Now the next step to being able to sneak food into the theatre is to wear rather baggy clothes, especially clothes with a lot of pockets on them. This is going to give you a whole lot more space to hold your food as you sneak it in, while not making you look suspicious.

    Try not to wear clothes that are way too big for you, because that might just set the security off and they would suspect that something is afoot.

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    Carry bags

    Another way to go about sneaking the food in is to carry a bag. Women tend to have their purses on them, but men can use backpacks. This would give you ample pockets to store your food and some secret compartments that no one would be able to look into.

    Bags coupled with baggy clothes would give you the ideal food sneaking apparel.

  • 4

    Act natural

    The last thing you want to do is to act natural when entering the theatre. You don’t want to give any hints of your wrong doing, and you don’t want to stand out in the crowd. This is why you need to pretend that nothing is going on, so you aren’t pulled aside to be inspected.

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