How to Sneak Candy and Food into a Movie Theatre

A movie experience in a theatre just isn’t complete without having snacks to munch on, but food at the movie theatre snack bar can be unusually expensive. If you are desperate for goodies but unwilling to shell out all that dough, you might want to take a risk and try sneaking some candy and food into a movie theatre.

Things Required:

– Wrapped candy or snacks
– Handbag or purse
– Cargo pants
– Jacket or sweater
– A nonchalant attitude


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    Start by selecting the snacks you want to sneak in. Make sure these are small items, that can easily be wrapped up in a ziplock bag, and will not attract too much attention owing to their large size or distinctive scent – for example, sneaking some cookies or chocolate candy in is doable, but trying to smuggle in steak or an entire pizza would attract far too much attention, and you are liable to get caught trying.

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    Next, select your outfit carefully. Your clothes need to be baggy, so that any lumps or bulges caused by the hidden food are not apparent. Go for big, baggy sweaters or oversized jackets with additional pockets hidden inside. Cargo pants can also be a great option as they are loose and have multiple pockets. You can also try layering – wear a shirt, with a sweater, and a coat on top, to make any lumps less conspicuous.

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    Now, start hiding the food in your clothing. Tuck folded ziplock bags containing cookies, candy, and other types of food into your waistband, and pockets. Do not stuff too much into one place as this will make it obvious, and do not hide chocolate close to the skin, as it will have melted by the time you make it into the theatre.

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    Girls can consider carrying a handbag – luckily, oversized bags are in vogue, so feel free to choose the biggest bag you have, and stuff it with snacks. However, toss a couple of ordinary objects in at the end (makeup, a daily planner, etc), and layer them over the snacks, just in case someone ends up peeking into your bag.

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    Once you are fully armed, it’s time to walk into the movie theatre. Act as natural and nonchalant as possible – do not clutch nervously at your clothes or bag, and do not give the movie theatre personnel any reason to suspect anything. You might want to buy a small drink or popcorn inside the theatre, to completely dispel any suspicions.

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    Take your seats and only reach for the snacks once everyone is settled, and the theatre is darkened. Do not make it obvious you have snacks though – keep them hidden from plain sight, and enjoy them quietly, with a minimum of rustling and crunching noises.

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