How to Be a True Twilight Fan

Twilight is a book series that was turned into a movie. Now this movie / book is about vampires and werewolves and all the shenanigans that they are up to.

It has vampires that shine for some reason, and werewolves that never manage to keep their shirts on. The female lead in the movie is a woman, whose ultimate purpose in life is to whine about things and to marry a vampire, who is probably a few hundred years older than herself.

Now some people tend to like the twilight series a little too much, and would like to be dedicated fans to the series. Just why they want to do this is rather odd, but they seem to want to do so, but can’t figure out how.


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    Read the books and watch the movies

    In order for you to like anything, even if is twilight, you need to do your fair amount of research. Now as is the case with twilight, you are going to have to first spend time reading all the books.

    Some might argue that the movies are equally as good, but in all honesty, both are equally as bad. However, since books tend to be a lot better, you should start off by reading the books, and then later on watching the movies.

    You should do this multiple times, till you remember most of the dialogues and can remember exactly what is happening on what page in the book.

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    Think of vampires and werewolves in a new light

    If you somehow manage to do that what is listed in step one, you can go on and start to delete all the memories that your mind has of werewolves and vampires.

    Twilight features some rather odd looking monsters, who look more like children, women and hairless man children, as opposed to looking like the menacing creatures that they are.

    This is why you can’t compare them to any past monster in any movie ever made before twilight.

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    Avoid all the holes in the plot

    The last thing you need to do is to avoid trying to make any logical sense of what the book tells you. It is filled with plot holes and missing links, and this is something you just have to accept without really questioning it.

    Now if you can manage to do all of this, you are set to be on your way to becoming a great twilight fan.

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