How to Become a Movie Projectionist

It does not require you to have a major qualification to become  a movie projectionist. Some basic knowledge of involved equipment and a little experience of working at a theater can do. Still it is better you have at least education up to schooling. This will help you to grasp different terminology quickly and understand the tricks of the trade.

Since main job of a movie projectionist is managing lighting, projectors and sound at theaters or cinemas, having experience of working with these equipment is enough for you to start working as a movie projectionist. It is good if you start with someone senior so that he can guide you at a time of any mistake or lapse, as any interception in showing a picture or film can anger audience and they can turned against the management.

After you work in a supervised environment to at least a couple of weeks, you can start doing job as a standalone projectionist, as by then you should have been able to grasp all the functionality and process of handling the equipment.

It is not that movie projection in theater is the only job you can take after learning basics of the trade, you can work in film distribution and private screenings of films at special occasions. You can also take a job in production companies. Further you can be self-employed in any of these areas. It does not require any big investment to become your own boss in the industry.


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    Take Technical Courses At School

    Taking technical subjects will be a great help for you to work as a film projectionist. You can study computer, keyboarding, audiovisual equipment management, photography and video production.

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    Work At Cinema or Theater

    Along with your studies it is better to gain some experience in handling audiovisual equipment and projectors. Since you will already have knowledge of managing these equipment while studying at school, you can add to your knowledge and experience while practically involving yourself with them.

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    On-Job Training

    While working in a full or part-time role at a theatre you should gain experience about all the related equipment. For example, you should know how to open film canister and how to remove reel etc. You might also be required to repair any damaged part of the equipment so should be able to that on the spot. Similarly, you will be required to monitor sound and video quality and improve accordingly.

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    Take Full-time Job

    Once you are confident about handling the equipment and ready to work your own, you can apply for full-time job at a theatre. Simply you will be required to fill out an application form as it is required at the time of apply for any job and enclose your resume before sending it. Mention all the experience and training you have undertaken since completion your studies and prove that you can handle the job effectively. Obviously, at the interview the potential employer will ask you about the technical knowledge of the equipment and you satisfy their all questions to get the job.

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