How to Earn Free Movie Passes

Watching a latest movie is something everyone loves to but there are many people who stay away from the idea because they do not have enough money to pay for the ticket of a movie. However, there are many different ways through which people get the free movie passes. Seems surprising? Well, you can also earn free movie passes by following a few simple things which will help you to get free passes without draining your pocket. If you are short of money then keep reading this post which let you know how to earn free movie passes.


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    First of all, you should get yourself enrolled with a reward from the credit cards and major soft drink manufacturers etc. By accumulating points from these reward programs, you can redeem these points in the form of movie passes.

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    You can also get free movie passes frequently for yourself and your wife and kids by finding work at a cinema or theatre in your extra hours. It will not only help in earning some extra cash but also will help you in getting free movie passes because you will get employee benefit.

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    You should also keep yourself updated with the promotional campaigns of different products or stores that usually offer free movie passes by purchasing certain amount of things. Always purchase your household things from these stores which will help you to get free movie passes.

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    A few lucky people also get free movie passes by the draw on the premier of a new movie. You should also get information if a particular cinema or theatre is offering a few free passes via lucky draw for the first show of a new movie.

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    There are many products like snacks, soda and candy that also offer free movie passes via lucky draw. After purchasing these products, you can also be the lucky one to get a free movie pass.

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    The kids’ products like cereals also offer free movie passes for purchasing a certain quantity of these products. Make sure you do not forget to check these products especially in summer season.

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    While working on a cinema or theatre, you will also get chances of earning free movie passes by filling out surveys about a particular movie. You are investing your time in filling out a survey and many cinemas offer free movie passes in return.

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