Difference Between Pace and Speed

Pace and speed are two entirely different things and have one hell of a difference between them. Pace is credited to be the thing that can be described as the instant acceleration of a person. A person, when runs, has different attributes. One person can have the attribute of pace under his belt while the other may have the speciality of speed with him. These are two completely different things and may be specialised under different things. Pace can be regarded as the acceleration of a person. It is the quickness with which a person or an athlete gains his top speed. Speed is a different story and a completely different attribute and aspect of a person. It is the speed at which he runs the distance as compared to time and has different advantages as compared to the person who has a good pace. These two aspects may have a great say in an athlete’s life and mostly they are the two things that become the high and plus of a person who plays the game of football. While one footballer may have a good pace, the other may have a better speed. These are two different attributes and they are exploited by the athletes in the game in a fairly different manner.


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    For pace, we can take the example of renowned footballers such as Tottenham player and winger Aaron Lennon. Lennon is an English born player and also plays for England. Lennon has a marvelous pace and achieves top speed very quickly. This enables him to beat defenders very quickly and the attribute makes him a danger to the other teams that he is paying against. Lennon just knocks the ball past the defender and just makes space for himself and exploits the split second advantage that comes his way after beating the defender for pace and this gives him a lot o space to work his magic.

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    In the speed department, we have to take the example of Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the captain of Portugal’s national team and is one of the best players who have ever played the game of football. Cristiano has amazing speed and pace both. What makes Ronaldo deadly is that he can run at his top speed for a long time than others and that makes him cover phenomenal distances in very short times. This weapon has made Ronaldo one of the best players who have ever played the game.

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