Difference Between PPPoE and PPPoA

The point to point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) and point-to-point protocol over Asynchronous (PPPoA) are two different methods for connecting to the network of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) through a dial-up connection. The main difference is that PPPoE can allow all users to connect through a network through a hub, while PPPoA requires a computer modem that should be configured and rested in the computer from which all connections are originated. PPPoA also offers faster speed and lower overhead, and this makes it more popular than PPPoE.


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    Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is method of connecting computers through a hub. More than one system can be connected through to each other and main server, with much configuration necessities. The method also allows connection of networks to the network of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) through a dial-up connection. Since introduction of this tech, the system of radius servers has become obsolete, as the clients can directly be connected to the broadband through Ethernet. The method also allows a user to disconnect and re-connect to the network, whenever they want. This development is particularly beneficial in security of the networks, as users do not have to be connected to the networks all the time, as was required in the case of conventional networking methods. The system is also particularly beneficial in a wider networking chains, where more than one computers are to be connected to the ISP network, and they can be connected and disconnected individually, and do not affect other systems.

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    The point to point protocol over Asynchronous (PPPoA) is another way of connecting systems to the main network of ISPs. This system however is different from PPPoE. It requires a modem to be configured and rested in the computer where all the connections are originated from. All other systems have to connect through this computer. The method however has higher speed efficiency and lower overhead, which makes the method more popular. Although there is a clear difference between the two methods of connecting your system to ISP network, the choice of choosing one of the two is also down on the method that ISP is preferring or using.

    You as a consumer might not be able to know much about the technically functioning of the technologies, but you can still make a choice on the basis of your ISP’s information.

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