How to Deal With Bad Grades on Your Report Card

Bad grades on a report card are often nothing short of havoc for most students. One needs to take immediate steps to effectively deal with the bad grade so that it does not effect upcoming semesters. That being said, making a bad grade a matter of life or death is a totally wrong approach. Instead, one should attend to the problem in an objective manner.


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    Remember that panicking would do you no good at all although it is normal for students to do so as soon as they see a bad grade in their report card. Stay calm when you find out that you ended up scoring a poor grade and let your parents know about it right away. Make your parents aware of your plans to improve your grade in the upcoming semesters.

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    Seek advice from your teacher and be sure to follow it in spirit and letter. This is perhaps one of the most important steps towards dealing with a bad grade in class. Apart from boosting up your motivation level, a good teacher would identify your weak areas so that you can work on them and thus avoid another bad grade.

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    Inquire about extra credits. Your teacher might allow you to do extra work and in return you will be awarded extra credits and thus your grade would improve much more quickly than normal. However, you would need to make sure that you can easily cope up with the extra work so that you would not end up disappointing your teacher.

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    Look for possible flaws with your study habits and make changes accordingly. Think about what you did wrong in class or at home and pay extra attention to the subject in which you scored a bad grade. Spare extra time and make sure you complete all projects and homework assigned to you by your teacher.

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    Consider getting extra coaching from a teacher or a friend. You might also want to consider the online option of studying. Join an online tutoring programme at Tutor Vista to make progress.

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