Difference Between Sheep and Goat Meat

Meat lovers all over the world have their own preferences. Many of these choices are dictated by the kind of dishes that are being cooked in a given area. There are many options not only how these are cooked but also what can be cooked. There are many kinds of meats that are available and you can choose from whichever you like more.

Goat and sheep meat are famous the world over for their taste. There are some differences between the two and people generally make the selection of their meat on the basis of these differences.


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    The smell of goat meat is quite strong. It has to be cooked thoroughly in order to reduce the smell. In some cases, the smell can be avoided during the slaughter and meat preparation process. Sheep tend to smell less and many people like to eat its meat for this particular reason.

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    Goat is generally low on fat as it is very active and moves around a lot. However, there are certain species that have a lot of fat and the fat to weight ratio is very high. If you are aware of the kinds of goats out there, you can very well save yourself from this issue. Sheep is high on fat meat. Some people avoid it because of that while others see it as a plus point. It also has fat deposits that can be used instead of cooking oil in order to add more taste to the dishes.

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    Cooking Style

    Mostly goat is preferred for cooking curries. The fibers of the meat are longer in nature and need a lot of time to be cooked. It often needs a pressure cooker to aid the meat to be tender. Barbecue is possible but you need to marinate the meat for an eternity.

    On the other hand, the sheep meat is quite soft in comparison and can be used both in curries and for other kinds of dishes. Barbecue is also a lot easier to do and needs less marinating than that for goat meat. When cooked with vegetables and salt, the taste can be unbelievable. It also cooks in less time.

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