Difference Between Talent Finder and Business Plus

There are a number of social media networking websites on the net nowadays and each of them, being diverse and unique in their own ways, offer special services to their users. While normal networking websites are mostly about just sharing pictures or videos and chatting with each other, LinkedIn has emerged as something really unique, and this uniqueness has been a major reason for its success.

For professionals prior to LinkedIn, there were not many websites, and even if there were some, they were not as good as this one. LinkedIn offers numerous services to working professionals, be it business owners or employed individuals, this website has something for everyone.

With millions of users on LinkedIn, there is a need to separate normal users from those willing to pay for extra services, which benefit in finding and recruiting employees and expanding your business presence in the market. This separation has been made through Talent Finder and Business Plus accounts.

With the LinkedIn Talent Finder, businesses and individuals are able to use more detailed talent filters available on the website and can get a thorough search result when looking for other people. This is very useful for organizations that are looking to find people with a specific set of skills, instead of the results that show up when a regular account user makes the search.

Business Plus account on LinkedIn also has its own benefits. Unlike a Talent Finder account, the Business Plus account allows users to see profiles that are not available for those using regular accounts, like higher ups of the top organizations who also are on LinkedIn. This gives users of the Business Plus account added advantage of exploring bigger opportunities, but at a cost of $49.99 per month.


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    LinkedIn Talent Finder

    When looking for the best person to fit in your job, the Talent Finder account on LinkedIn can come real handy. Doing a normal search will bring up random people with similar skill sets, but a Talent Finder account will really get you the details of what skills people have and whether they match your requirements or not.

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    LinkedIn Business Plus

    A move up from the regular account, the Business Plus user is able to view profiles not viewable to him or her via regular account. It allows for up to 500 profiles per search with 25 folders in Profile Organizer. All this comes at a small fee of $49.99 per month.

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