Difference Between Tavern and Pub

There are a number of business establishments that are created for the purpose of selling and serving alcoholic drinks to customers. Different names have been used to refer to these establishments in different places and eras, but the basic purpose behind them remains the same, i.e. to allow people to spend time together and consume drinks of their choice.

Taverns and pubs are two such establishments, created primarily for the purpose of public gathering and to serve customers alcoholic beverages. The drinks on offer vary, but typically include hard liquor, wine and beer. Both pubs and taverns are established for the purpose of selling drinks for on sale consumption only; this means that people can only buy alcoholic beverages for the purpose of  drinking inside the establishment, and not for taking away.

Another feature that is common in between both these drinking establishments is that they do not offer accommodation facilities to their customers. However, in addition to their similarities, both drinking establishments also share a number of differences, primarily based on their menus.

Pubs are an establishment where only drinks (alcoholic beverages, as well as soft drinks) are served to customers, while taverns offer both drinks and food. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the types of cuisine that are served in taverns – the choice of dishes on the menu depends solely upon the owner of the tavern, and the tastes of the people living in the area.

In the legal sense, younger people, below the legal drinking age, are not allowed into pubs; however, they may be allowed inside a tavern, since food is also a part of the menu at these drinking establishments. While taverns have an American influence, pub is a word that has a distinct British influence. These facilities may also be granted different licenses for the hours of legal operation.


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    A pub, short for public house, is an establishment created for the purpose of selling and allowing customers to consume alcoholic drinks. It is central to the cultures of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and several other areas. The history of the pub can be traced back to ancient Roman times, when there were a number of pubs in the rural areas of these countries. However, the numbers declined steadily with the passage of time, especially with the development of modern facilities like taverns and bars. In earlier times, frosted glass was used for the windows of pubs, so as not to allow any outsiders to see the activities going on inside; nowadays, however, pubs have bright décor and clear window panes.

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    A tavern is an establishment where people gather for the purposes of consuming alcoholic drinks and enjoying the food on offer. While all taverns do not offer lodging facilities, there can be variations in their functions, depending on cultural influences.

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