Difference Between Truvia and Stevia

Many people think that truvia and stevia are two different names for the same sweetener but they are completely wrong as these are two completely different sweeteners and cannot be considered the same in any aspect. You can easily identify many differences between truvia and stevia without facing any problem because both of these sweeteners are originated from different things.

Truvia is basically a branded sugar substitute which is widely used in the world and erythritol is one of the main ingredients of truvia. On the other hand, stevia is not a branded element because it is a plant and the extract of its leaves combined with purified steviosides is being used in different areas of the world as a sweetener. Truvia’s erythritol is a very beneficial ingredient as it has zero calories and can also be used by diabetic patients. Whereas, stevia’s primary quality is that it has a sweet taste but at the same time its flavour is like licorice. However, both truvia and stevia do not cause any sort of side effects to the users because these sweeteners contain healthy ingredients.


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    Truvia is in fact a sweetener that has become a good substitute for sugar and is known as a branded sugar substitute. It contains erythritol that is very beneficial for health not only for a normal person but also for the patients of diabetes because truvia has zero calories. People who are suffering with diabetes are frequently using truvia that has become an essential part of their diet.

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    Stevia is basically a plant and its leaves are used in making sweetener which is quite healthy and beneficial for people because it causes no side effects. For making sweetener from stevia, people use the extract of its leaves along with the purified steviosides. This sweetener is playing a vital role for people in replacing their natural white sugar with this substitute. It has a sweet taste but its flavour resembles that of a licorice. It helps in increasing glucose levels in its users and thus helps in keeping them healthy.

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