Difference Between USPS Express and Priority Mail

Sending mail, for the younger generation, may only be restricted to email but there are millions of people in the United States that still use traditional mail services to send many things. Mail does not only mean letters but can also mean sending gifts to loved ones, reports to your boss and other items for professional and corporate needs.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is without a doubt, the largest mail delivering organisations in the world as it offers a variety of national and international mail services.

Express Mail and Priority Mail are two very popular services offered by the USPS and vary in the benefits they provide.

The biggest difference between the two is definitely function. It all depends on what the customer needs, what they want to send and how fast they want the package to reach the destination. With USPS Priority Mail, a customer is basically signing up to use their regular service of delivering mail across the United States or in other parts of the world without any special needs like quicker delivery time or other factors that go into the shipment. It is also charged by a flat rate that is based on the size of the envelope or box size as it is much better than normal delivery services.

USPS Express Mail is slightly more expensive than Priority Mail as this method has the quickest delivery time and the option for the customer to certify that the package has been delivered. This feature of USPS Express Mail is definitely useful because time-sensitive content requires some sort of confirmation of delivery. Important documents and other materials that need to arrive safely are given verification of delivery with Express Mail service.

Insurance options are also offered by USPS on both their Express and Priority Mail services but vary due to the delivery time that factors into the cost along with the fact that Express packages are automatically insured up to $100. Priority mail on the other hand, requires that the customer should choose a special service for insurance.


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    USPS Express Mail

    The mailing service offered by USPS which is the fastest, automatically insured and costlier compared to normal options, is known as Express Mail

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    USPS Priority Mail

    Better than normal options, the USPS Priority Mail service comes with an option to insure the package and is limited to 70 pounds in weight.

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