Difference Between Values and Beliefs

The world today is home to over six billion people. There are people from all kinds of cultures who live in different regions of the world. They have their own set of values and beliefs. Even when they migrate from one place to another, they take with them both and incorporate them with the society that now is their new home.

The two sound quite similar but actually have a lot of differences. The differences are not too hard to understand and one can accomplish the task by carefully observing the basic principles of both.


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    Values originate from a certain area. They are the set of principles that the people of that particular area follow. It is not necessary that the people who follow these values are from the same religion as well. On the contrary, the beliefs have their roots stemmed in religion. They are generally not affected by the area and though there can be a slight variation due to local conditions, the basis remains the same the world over.

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    Geography plays an important part in values. They are generally associated with certain areas. For example, the greeting style is part of most cultures and every geographical location has their own way of greeting others. They are also affected by the local needs in which geography has a lot to say.

    In beliefs, the geography has no real say. Again there can be slight variations from the local culture due to specific needs but that cannot affect the basis of the beliefs. The set of beliefs will remain the same regardless of the location.

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    Values change over time. It is possible that they can be influenced by financial as well as social changes. Values also change as the time goes on and sometimes can also be affected by change in demographics of a given area. Religions can also have their affects on local values and they may totally change in a hundred years time.

    Beliefs generally have a basis that is not affected by what goes on in society. There are levels that are maintained on the basis of spirituality and they remain the same even if people do not follow them. Since the beliefs are the basis of religion, they simply cannot be changed because of bad financial conditions or the advent of popular culture. They remain in place, the same.

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