Do I Talk More than an Average Person Does?

At times you are not becoming a part of a healthy conversation; in fact you are talking a lot. Many people mistake these two things and don’t realize how they are being a pain for others. You don’t want yourself to fall under the annoying category of people you like to hang out with.

It’s true; even your best friends will only hear you for a limited period of time. Therefore, rather than losing out on friends because of this habit it’s better that you realize what your mistake is. If you think that you might be a person who talks too much, this is what you should do to confirm it.


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    Start off by asking yourself a few questions. Firstly, ask yourself whether your conversations are fully balanced. Moreover, note whether you are talking more than other people around you. There are times when the person has to speak more than others because he/she knows more about a certain topic. However, at times even you might not know about what is going on and rather than speaking gibberish it is advised that you stop talking instead.

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    Secondly, try to recall what you know about the person you are talking to. This exercise will help you realize that if you haven’t learnt anything new about the person standing in front of you, there is a high possibility that he/she has not been speaking much and you are the one who has been talking a lot.

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    The ratio between talking and listening should be 75/25 at least. However it is even better if you keep it to 50/50. Try to listen as much as you are talking. So, once you analyse the fact that you have been talking way more than listening, you need to cut down on the talking as you are probably talking a lot.

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    Try to pay attention to the people’s body language. If they have been breaking eye contact with you, there’s a high possibility that they are getting annoyed. A few people might even try to run away from you by claiming that they have some work to do, or they are busy. This is when you have to understand that you have been talking more than it is required.

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    Think whether the conversation which you are having with others mostly end on the note that they end up interrupting you just to tell you that they have to leave. In this case there is a chance that you might be talking too much.

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