How to Deal with a Toxic Person in your Small Group

Most of us usually have a small group of close friends that we like to sit and hang out with. Sometimes there is one particular person in the group that is rude or insensitive which can cause the other people in the group to feel upset or uncomfortable. This rude or so called toxic person is basically ruining your time with others. There are different ways to deal with a toxic person in your small group and ignoring them is not the solution. A careful and sensitive approach is needed when dealing with a toxic person in a small group.


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    Identify the Problem:

    It is important to identify the reason that a person is toxic. If he or she is constantly being rude or insensitive then it could be certain issues in that person’s home which can be causing them to lash out in the group. Once you find out the source of all the bitterness, you will be one step ahead in solving the issue.

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    Have a Discussion with Toxic Person:

    Have an open and honest conversation or discussion with the toxic person from your small group. Tell them to straighten themselves up or be faced with removal from the group.

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    Be Honest:

    When confronting a toxic person, be sure to be as honest as possible. It can be hard at first, but dealing with a toxic person demands honesty. If you want your message to sink in, then be as honest as possible. Tell him or her that you and the rest of the group are sick of their behaviour and will not put up with it anymore.

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    Stop Meeting:

    Stop including a toxic person when you make group plans. Usually a toxic person will get the hint when they are not invited out again with the small group.

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    Avoiding a toxic person will also definitely give them the hint that they are too bitter for the group. Ask the other members of your small group to also avoid the toxic person and this will usually help get the message across.

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    Be Stern:

    Being stern is very important to let a toxic person know how you feel. You should let that person know that you are not kidding around and that you take their rude behaviour seriously.

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    Talk to other Group Members:

    Talk to the rest of the group about dealing with the toxic person. You will get a general idea of how everyone else might be feeling towards that person.

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