Doctor Appreciation Letter

Doctors frequently receive feedback from patients, their friends and families, but when they receive a formal appreciation letter from a happy patient, the impact is great and special.

The first paragraph of doctor application letter express the gratitude for the doctor who has done a great job, helping the patient recover from his/her illness. The focus of the opening paragraph should on why this letter was written.

In the second paragraph, you can tell your doctor that how hard it had been to cope with the chronic illness. However, due to his sincere efforts and care, you were able to stand on your feet again. You can give a little background of your illness too, but do not write lengthy sentences as it will not serve the purpose of the letter.

The last paragraph should include your thanks for the doctor again, expressing your hope that you will recommend him/her to anyone looking get the same medical treatment.


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    Sample of Doctor Appreciation Letter


    John Woodward
    Simpson Road, New Wilbur
    London, United Kingdom
    January 8, 2012


    Dr Fred Hassan
    Eastwood Road 19234
    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Dear Dr Hassan,

    I would like to thank you for the medical care and treatment you gave me a couple of weeks ago, helping me stand on my feet once again. I was deeply troubled about my heath and could not even walk for a minute. But thanks to your special efforts, I recovered faster than I imagined.

    I am now back to work with full vigour, and it is all because of you and your team of dedicated doctors.

    I will thank you once again and will recommend you to anyone suffering health issues.

    Your Sincerely,
    John Woodward

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    Template of Doctor Appreciation Letter


    (Sender name)
    (Sender address)
    (Sender city, country name)


    (Doctor name)
    (Doctor’s address)
    (City, Country)

    Dear Dr_________,

    I would like to say  thanks to you for the care and best treatment you gave me while I was admitted at your hospital last month. I will say that your efforts helped me get back on my feet once again.

    I was concerned about my heath before I came to because my illness was quite severe. But thanks to your medical care, I recovered faster than I imagined.

    I am now back to business as before, and will soon pay you a brief visit to have final check-up.

    I will appreciate you once more and will recommend you to others.

    Your Sincerely,
    (Sender name)

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