Accommodation Leave Letter

Regardless of the type of accommodation you have on lease, there are contracts and agreements involved. Even if your lease is for a year only, you are expected to notify your landlord of your intention to renew or terminate the lease after the original time period. This obviously helps the landlord plan ahead and make sure that the property is not vacant for extended time periods in between tenancies.

If you are thinking of leaving your current accommodation, here is how you write an accommodation leave letter:

Tips for Writing an Accommodation Leave Letter

  • Be clear regarding your decision to not extend the original lease agreement.
  • Give a clear date for your last day on the property.
  • Invite the landlord for a walk-through to assess the property.
  • Request the return of your initial deposit, if you made one.


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    Sample of an Accommodation Leave Letter #1

    May 4, 2011

    Bill Johnson
    123 Rental Ave.

    Richard Jefferson
    123 Small Apartment Ave.
    London, United Kingdom

    Re: Vacating property

    Dear Mr. Jefferson,

    I am writing today to inform you of my decision to vacate your rental property on May 30th. As per our original contract, this will mark the end of our one-year lease agreement, and I will be returning back home after having finished my studies.

    I would also like to have a walk-through with you as soon as possible so that you can return my initial $1,000 deposit. Please let me know when it would be convenient for you to come over.

    It was a pleasure renting with you and I wish you the very best for the future.

    Please let me know if you have any concerns, you can always call me on my personal number or the landline.

    Best regards,
    Bill Johnson

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    Accommodation Leave Letter Sample #2

    Devine Burns
    123 Over Priced Ave.
    New York, New York, USA

    Ernest Gatsby
    Apartment 4, Expensive building
    New York, USA

    Date: September 1, 2012

    Mrs. Burns,

    I would like to request the termination of my lease at the end of this month as per our one year agreement. I cannot afford to keep the apartment after your announcement of a 20% increase in rent and consequently I will be moving out all my belongings by September 27.

    You can do a walk through on September 30th and confirm that I will get back my deposit of $1,500, which I made on October 1, 2010. As you requested in the lease agreement, I will clear all utility bills and shut of gas, electricity and the phone before I move out.

    Please let me know if you have any concerns.

    Ernest Gatsby

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    Template of an Accommodation Leave Letter

    (Landlord's Name)
    (Landlord's address on lease)

    (Your name)
    (Your address on lease)


    (Landlord's last name),

    I am writing this letter to formally inform you of my decision to not continue with our lease agreement once it expires on the (Date of expiry). The last (Number of years/months) years/months have been great here and now that I am done with my work, I will be moving out to (New location, if you want to share).

    As per our agreement, I will be clearing up all utility bills and you can have a walk-through with me to assess the property's state. Kindly let me know when you intend to come over, and when you do, I would also like a refund on my initial (Amount) deposit.

    Kindly let me know if you have any concerns,


    (Your Signature)
    (Your Name)

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