Interior Design Letter of Agreement

Interior design can have a huge impact on the appearance and outlook of your construction, whether it is a residence or a commercial building. While a lot of people (especially women) prefer to redesign their own homes, professional spaces should ideally be dealt with by professional designers.

When people intend to get commercial spaces redesigned, they often tend to contact an interior designing agency or company. In such a case, you will need to assess the current state of your client’s property and recommend a redesign strategy, which often includes numerous tiny details like floor plans, fabric choices, wall coverings, artwork etcetera.

Generally these agencies sign contracts with their customers, and it is always prudent to draw up an agreement letter to list the terms of the agreement before the work commences.

Let us show you how to write an interior design letter of agreement along with providing a sample and a template which you can use for reference.

Tips for Writing an Interior Design Letter of Agreement

  • This letter is more of a contract, so keep it strictly formal
  • Clearly state all the terms of your agreement and conditions for work
  • Clearly mention terms which exclude liability on your part
  • Ask for a signed copy to be returned


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    Sample of an Interior Design Letter of Agreement


    James Shaw
    Managing director
    Starling Construction.

    Subject: Interior Design Letter of Agreement

    This letter constitutes an agreement between Mr. James Shaw in his capacity as a representative of Starling Construction and Shiny Interior Design Agency.

    The agreement mentions all responsibilities taken up by Shiny Interior Design Agency and all other terms of the agreement between the two parties.

    Shiny Interior Design (SID) will be responsible for providing a complete concept for redesigning the offices of Starling Construction, located at 594 Boulevard Avenue, NJ. The concept will include floor plans, wall coverings, fabric choices, color schemes, furniture recommendations, windows, accessories, art pieces and any other design related element.

    SID will also purchase the recommended items after seeking approval from Starling Construction and will be liable to furnish purchase receipts. However, a flat 20% fee will be charged for all items procured for redesigning.

    Moreover, SID will charge Starling Construction an hourly rate of $200 for providing designing services. After a complete assessment of the property, an estimate billing amount will be generated and starling construction will be liable to pay at least half of it as initial deposit.

    The remaining half will be paid at the completion of the redesigning project. If Starling Construction decides to terminate this agreement before completion, SID will refund the deposit after deducting hourly billing rates and other service charges.

    While SID will be providing an estimated time frame for completion of the redesign, it will not be held liable for any delays caused due to item non-availability, shortage of stock or vendor related issues.

    All concept drawings and plans will remain under the proprietorship of SID, but clients are allowed to use them in reference to the property in question.

    If you agree to these terms, kindly send in a signed copy of this agreement along with a security deposit of $1,000 before work can commence.


    Joanna Smith
    Ace Interior Designs

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    Template of an Interior Design Letter of Agreement


    (Name of the recipient)
    (Designation of recipient)
    (Company or organization’s name)

    Subject: Interior design letter of agreement

    Respected [name of the addressee],

    This is an agreement letter between (Organization or company name) and (Your interior designing agency’s name), setting out the terms for the proposed redesigning project as discussed between the two parties.

    YID (Your Interior Designing Agency’s Name) will be responsible for carrying out a complete redesign of (Organization’s name) offices/construction at (Address of organization’s offices) starting (Date of commencement of work).

    YID’s responsibilities will include a complete concept plan with (Details of your responsibilities).

    YID will charge (Organization’s name) according to (Billing rates and pricing policy details).

    If you agree to these terms, kindly return a signed copy of this agreement along with (security deposit amount) so that we can move ahead with the work.


    (Your name)
    (Interior Design Company name)

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