Business Introduction Letter

Writing a letter is one of the most important functions in any business. Clear communication is a must for any organisation to thrive no matter how long it has been in existence.

Effective business introduction letter can help you land some meetings right away and eventually some business as well. It is important that when a business introduction letter is written it appeals to the person that it addresses.

Always open and close the letter with appropriate salutations. This is very important to impress upon the other party that it is a formal letter from a professional organisation.

In the first paragraph of the letter, give a brief introduction of your company and its services. Also giving some details about the history and the operations of the company may not be a bad idea, but make sure that it is not too long.

In the next paragraph, offer the company your services and highlight the benefits the receiving party will get if they add your services or switch to them altogether. The reasons must be solid but the addressee should never feel pushed.

Conclude the letter with kind words for the addressee’s organisation and express a hope and desire to conduct business with the other party in near future.


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    Sample of Business Introduction Letter

    Sam Wise
    Awesome Website Designers
    2525 Full Street
    New York

    GM, Marketing
    Good Graphics Company
    474 Vague St,
    New York

    Reference: Introducing Awesome Website Designers

    I would to introduce our company, the Awesome Website Designers which has been providing its services for the last six years.

    Our company has maintained an excellent record thus far with all our clients and we deliver our services on time every time. We aim to provide the best web development services for the best prices available in the market. Our good performance has allowed us expansion in each of the last six years and we now wish to provide our services to your prestigious organisation.

    Please feel free to contact us for any web development solutions, which is our field of expertise. We also offer SEO services should you or any of your clients need those services.

    We look forward to providing Good Graphics Company with our services in future and look forward to a long business relationship.


    Sam Wise

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    Template of Business Introduction Letter

    [Sender Name]
    [Company Name]

    [Name/Designation of Addressee]
    [Company Name]

    Reference: Introducing [your company name]

    To Whomsoever it may concern,

    The reason of this letter is to introduce our company, [your company name], that is providing its services in the field of  [your field of expertise] for X years. We have been dealing with a number of firms across the globe, mainly [name of country] and [name of country] and the client list includes some well known names internationally.

    With this letter, we have enclosed a brochure that explains our services in details. We have been known to provide top solutions in the field of [your field of business] and are now looking forward to expand our client’s base.

    Although we are aware that you are currently getting your [type of service] from another solution provider, we do hope that you will consider our organisation for future contracts and also other allied services that you utilise from time to time.

    Should you need to inquire, please feel free to call or email in the given number on the brochure. We would be obliged to be able to provide assistance to you in any regard.

    Thanking you


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