Casual Leave Letter

It is a simple procedure to forward a casual leave application to your immediate supervisor. Just keep the following guidelines in mind when you are writing the letter.

Tips for Writing a Casual Leave Letter

  • First of all the tone of the casual leave letter should be formal and professional.
  • Clearly mention the reason of your leave and the number of days you are applying.
  • It is also important to declare the date of joining once you will be back from leave.
  • You should submit a printed copy of your application letter or send an email.

Below you will find samples and a template that will be useful if you are wondering how to write a casual leave letter.


  • 1

    Sample of a Casual Leave Letter #1

    Richard Jones,
    42, View Hill,
    21th April, 2011


    Andrew Gotham,
    Department Head,
    Pristine Telecom

    Dear Mr. Gotham,

    Ref subject:-  Casual Leave Letter

    I wish to apply for 5-day leave, as there is an opportunity for me to attend an educational conference. The conference has been  scheduled  from 22nd April to 26th April.

    The conference will be accompanied by a 3-day workshop for practical experience. Since it is being held in New York, I will be traveling on the 21st and will report back to work on the 27th of April.

    I hope you will consider my application and grant me the requested leave.

    Richard Jones

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    Casual Leave Letter Sample #2

    Dianne D. Lockett,
    1804 Strother Street,
    Birmingham, AL 35803.
    cell no. (831) 768 7985
    10th July 2005

    Michel John,

    Head, HR Department,
    Borewell Industries,
    UnitedNew York.

    Dear Mr. John,

    I am writing this letter to request a 2-day leave in order to attend a festival at my son's school.

    Due to the hectic nature of our work I haven't been able to take much time out for my son, and this is a great opportunity for me to be there for him.

    I will report back to work on the 13th, and during my absence, you or anyone from my team can contact me via my personal phone and e-mail.

    Looking forward to your approval,
    Yours sincerely,

    Dianne D. Lockett

  • 3

    Template of a Casual Leave Letter

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (Your City, State, Zip Code)
    (Your Phone Number)
    (Your email id)


    (Name of employer)
    (Employer’s designation)
    (Organization’s Name)
    (Organization’s Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Ref: Casual Leave Letter

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Mrs. (Last Name),

    I would like to request a (Number of days) casual leave to (Your reason for the leave). If my request is approved, I will be gone between (Date) to (Date).

    I have checked with the HR department and I have enough leaves in my yearly balance. Moreover, there is no pending work on my desk, as I wrapped up all assignments today.

    I will be grateful if you approve my leave.

    (Your Signature)
    (Your Typed Name)

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