Dog’s Nose Cocktail Recipe

Fascinating name for a cocktail, isn’t it? Well, the taste the drink boasts is as peculiarly interesting as the cocktail’s name itself. Have you ever touched a dog’s nose? It is wet and black, is it not? Well that’s where the drink is thought to take its name from. This is one of those inconspicuous cocktails that not many have heard of, but once somebody has gotten their hands on the recipe, you would wonder why anyone would want to drink this bitter tasting medicine. But there’s a basis for which it was a favourite of Charles Dickens, one of the best writers and novelist the era has produced. The reason is that Dog’s Nose cocktail is great for a cold February night. So now you can enjoy the starry night sitting outside on the porch, puff on a cigar with one hand while holding a cocktail glass in the other, taking teasingly subtle sips of the Dog’s Nose cocktail, enriching your senses.

Preparation Time: 3 minutes.

1 glass.


– 2 ounces of gin,
– 8 ounces of beer,
– Orange or lemon peel,
– Ice cubes.


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    Before doing anything take some time to clean the entire work surface that you will be using to make this interesting cocktail recipe. Be sure to also wash your hands, utensils, glasses and other items that will be used to put this recipe together. Make a habit of keeping your work surface clean and free from bacteria to avoid any health issues later.

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    Combine the gin, ice and beer in a glass and stir until chilled and thoroughly mixed. Remember you will want a nice smooth texture to your mixture so periodically check the consistency of your cocktail mix while stirring. Do not over stir or it can become watery.

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    Garnish with an orange or lemon peel either by pasting an intricate cut out of the peel on the edge of a glass or by making it float inside the drink. It is entirely up to you as to how you want to serve and garnish this fabulous cocktail. You can also experiment with different ingredients to give this cocktail a unique personal twist. However, always try to keep the base ingredients the same as you add different items to enhance the taste or flavour of this mixture.

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    Dog’s Nose Cocktail is ready to be served. You can use any type of glass as it is up to your own personal taste. Your friends and family will love sipping on this lovely cocktail for hours on end.

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