Donation Request Letter

Donation letters are very common. Whenever an NGO or organisation needs funds, they send donation letters to sound parties who try to help them in their time of despair. Donation request letters need to be written in a very clear manner. All the specific details about donations or charity organisations must be filled with care.

Donations can be request for cash money or bank drafts. Some say that you can use a good donation request letter again and again as well. Use similar kind of pattern and do not focus on any certain condition as it will give not a good impression about your request letter.

In the first paragraph, you should mention the purpose of writing this letter. Asking for a donation is something that not uncommon as NGOs mostly do all the paper work and then place their required donation.

In the second paragraph, you should mention the importance of the work you are doing and how it will affect your initiative.

In the last paragraph pay your regards and appreciate the sending party.


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    Sample Donation Request Letter

    Jon Steed
    Hometown Skatepark Committee
    12/South End

    Adam Shaw
    Total In International and co

    New York, South Bronx
    Apartment No, 1267/9098

    Dear Shaw,

    I am writing you on the behalf of Hometown Skatepark Committee. We actually do charity shows across the country for helping under privileged children. We came across a newspaper advertisement that says your organisation is also working with some many international NGO’s for a collective collaboration to collect donation for big projects.

    Kindly see our enclosed letters which will guide you through every manner to understand our way of working and how many children we have helped via our fund. It is also important to inform you that our organisation has good credibility in the market. After a board meeting, we request to fund us three thousand dollars ($3000) that will certainly ensure our future commitment to help mankind.

    Thank you,
    Jon Steed.

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    Template of Donation Request Letter

    [Your Name]
    [Department Name]
    [Street Address]

    [Recipient’s Name]
    [Recipient’s Address]

    [To whom it may concern]

    I am sending you this letter with a deep concern for our initiative for the children. We have opened a institute that will work for under privileged children. Next week we have organised a workshop for them as we request you to donate to us with some furniture and books.

    We have come to know that your organisation helps many non profit NGOs as well. Your contribution will certainly help our great cause to grow.

    Thank you,

    [Your Name]

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