Proposal Acceptance Letter

Reading the above title may perhaps let you feel that now proposals for marriage will be accepted by a means of a letter written in response to the proposal. The reader may not be wrong in thinking so, as it may be the case nowadays.

Nevertheless, here the proposal acceptance letter means a letter that one company sends to another company to express acceptance and appreciation for their proposal. Hence, while writing this letter it is important to choose right words as it will have an influence on the next party with whom you are planning to carry out business in near future.

Here we will teach you how to write a proposal acceptance letter. Simply scroll down and go through our sample and template to have an idea about writing the letter.

Tips to write a Proposal Acceptance Letter

  • Be thankful
  • Be concise
  • Maintain a professional and formal tone


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    Sample of Proposal Acceptance Letter

    Michael Williams
    Chief Finance Officer
    Infospan Inc.
    31878 Del Obispo Street, Suite 118
    San Juan Capistrano

    April 3, 2012

    Harry James
    Manager- Sales & Marketing
    Technolistic Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd
    Vista, CA 92083,
    United States

    Dear Ms. Thomson,

    I am writing this letter to inform you that your proposal, which was received on 10th March 2012, has been accepted by Technolistic Sales Corporation Pvt Ltd. The offer you made managed to fit into the frame perfectly and now we agree to work with your standards. We highly appreciate you for the offer which you managed to put forward as we have been awaiting such a proposal for a long time.

    We will require a few documents before we start working on this proposal and the list has been attached with this letter. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with all these documents within a span of one week.

    In case there is any query, you can ask me personally at Thank you once again for the offer as we are looking for a long-term relationship between the two of us!

    Yours faithfully,

    Michael Williams

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    Template of Proposal Acceptance Letter

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (Your Phone Number)
    (Your Email Address)


    (Company’s Address)
    (City & Zip Code)

    Dear (Recipient’s Sir Name),

    I am pleased to let you know regarding the acceptance of proposal received on (WRITE THE RECEIVING DATE OF THE PROPOSAL) from (WRITE THE FULL NAME OF THE RECIPIENT COMPANY). The offer you made seems very much suitable with our company (WRITE THE NAME OF YOUR (SENDER) COMPANY). and we are agreeing to work with you on offered standards. We highly appreciate you for the proposal as we have longed waited for this offer.

    Before we start working on the proposal, a few clarifications are needed from your side along with some important documents to prepare effective work strategy that best suits both companies. You are thereby requested to mail us the required documents including details of your products at the earliest possible.

    In case if there is any query or concern, kindly shoot an email at (WRITE YOUR (SENDER) EMAIL ADDRESS). Once again we appreciate you for considering us suitable for your valuable proposal. We are anticipating a long-term business relation.

    Yours faithfully,

    (Signature of the Sender)
    (Name of the Sender)


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