Student Appeal Letter

Student life does seem and is care free by many comparisons, however, they too know how, when, where and for what reasons to get all formal and serious. From their homework schedule to car pool routines, everything and anything can lead to them ending up writing appeals. As relaxed their lives are, they can often become serious for matters that would otherwise hold no significance!!

The students need to know their reporting hierarchy really well, whom to address the appeal to, whom to copy it to and then whom to contact for the follow-up.

The appeals of the students can range from revising the date sheet of the exams to extending the dead line for the assignment. They can also send in such request if they want an event or occasion arranged.

The most important part with such letters is the homework before the drafting of the appeal. You can almost get any request accepted as long as the reason backing it is strong enough. And of course, the tone and manner of the letter has to be nothing less than convincing and should reflect mutual interest.

In the opening paragraph of the letter, state clearly the reason due to which you are sending the letter in. Next, build up the case in your favour by informing them about the progress that you have already made, for example, in terms of collecting the money for the trip.


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    Sample of a Student Appeal Letter

    May 25, 2011

    Mr. Hollendorf Cooks
    Head of Students’ Affair
    Saint College of Arts and Sciences

    Dear Mr. Cooks,

    The Adventure Club was planning on to visiting the mountainous areas specially in the snowfall this season. We have been waiting for a trip like this long enough and due to that I have enclosed the proposal for the trip.

    We have already arranged the financials for the trip and also have enclosed the proposal. Find it attached and kindly let us know if it is a feasible trip for the club.

    Thanks and regards,

    Stone Robbins

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    Template of a Student Appeal Letter


    [Name of the Receiver]
    [Capacity Title]
    [Name of the College or University

    Dear [Last Name],

    I am the president of the College’s Adventure Club and through this letter I want to propose some thrilling activities for the club in the coming week. You know that the weather these days is not extreme at either ends and the college has not had such a trip since the last six months.

    We had the plan in the pipeline for so long that we have already managed the finances that will be needed for the trip. The bake sale and the Carnival that we arranged last month got us enough to get started for the trip.

    We will also request the company of our faculty members so as to make it a memorable experience for all.

    Kindly let me know if there are any reservations.

    Thanks and regards,

    [Your Name]

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