Dubai International Film Festival

It was in 2004 when Dubai International Film Festival was started and it has now become one of the leading film festivals in the Arab world, as well as a few Asian and African regions.  It has not only been at the forefront to promote Arab talent but also features short films, documentaries and global productions, including films from Hollywood and Bollywood.

The Dubai Film Festival takes pride in promoting talent from around the world, specifically Arab talent. The films and thought-provoking documentaries that are played often reflect Dubai’s metropolitan life.

If you wish to attend the upcoming edition of this event, keep reading to find out more about it.

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    Since its inception on 6th December 2004, the festival has showcased and promoted talent from across the world, while keeping its primary focus on the Arab region.

    The 2004 event was hosted in Madinat Jumeirah and saw tons of Arab as well as International stars from Hollywood and Bollywood. 76 films from 27 countries were screened and the film that generated the most excitement was Ocean’s 13 by Steven Soderberg. The second event was held in 2005 from 11th December to the 17th and this time 46 countries participated in it with 98 films.

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    There is a lot on offer during this festival, including:

    - Promoting Arab talent as well as international artists.

    - Showcasing short films, documentaries, and movies.

    - Witnessing the glitz and glamour of major celebrities from around the world.

    - Getting involved in the festival as a volunteer or sponsor.

    - Different documentaries and films are showcased on a wide range of topics. These include; after-effects of conflict or war, terrorism, desert ecology women’s emancipation, and other current social issues.

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    Contact Details

    You can take part in the festival as a volunteer, sponsor or submit your film for review.  To contact the management of the festival, use the number provided below:

    Telephone: +971 4 363 3456

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    Dubai International Film Festival usually lasts for a week.

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    Important Dates

    It is typically held in December, and the dates for the 2014 edition of the event are 10th to 17th of December.


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    Rules and Regulations

    - Films submitted to be screened at the festival must not be shown to any audience in the Gulf region (however, exceptions are allowed).
    - Films which have been submitted once to Dubai International Film Festival will not be considered again.
    - The DVD’s cover must have the following information imprinted on it; title of the film, online submission ID #, duration of the film, directors’ names, date on which the film was completed and the language it is in.

    It must be noted that these terms and conditions can be changed each year. Also, there are different rules for different themes of the show. Please click here for more information on the rules and regulations of the festival.

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