Ear Infection Natural Remedies

An ear infection can be a very painful experience. Anyone that has ever suffered from one can understand the level of pain and disorientation that can be associated with an ear infection. The occurrence of many ear infections usually happens after a severe allergy, bad cold or flu. The pain happens as the middle part of the ear fills with fluid and this in turn gets infected.
Most of us do not realize that there are many effective natural remedies for an ear infection. Instead of reaching for traditional over the counter medication, below are a few natural treatment methods to help with an ear infection.


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    Use Garlic:

    Use a half a cup of water and put one clove of garlic until it becomes soft. Take this clove and place it on your ear with a piece of cloth or bandage. Do this every day until you feel some relief. Please remember to not put the garlic inside the ear at anytime. Garlic is a very effective natural way to treat an ear infection.

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    Apply steam with Lavender or Eucalyptus Oil:

    Adding a couple of drops of Lavender or Eucalyptus Oil in a large bowl of boiling water as you cover your head and breathe in the steam can provide a very effective natural treatment for an ear infection. Lavender and Eucalyptus Oil can soothe the areas associated with the middle ear and thus give some relief for an ear infection.

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    Use tree tea oil drops:

    Using a few drops of tree tea oil in the ear can also provide some relief from an ear infection. Tree tea oil has been used for many years as a natural remedy from the pain associated with an ear infection. This method is considered as an effective herbal treatment which can give the sufferer some help from an intense ear infection.

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    Apply a warm-pack:

    Soak a small piece of cloth in water and heat it. Then take this warm cloth and apply it to the ear for some pain relief. The heat from the cloth is an effective way of providing a soothing effect on the ear to reduce the pain from an ear infection.

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    Get some rest:

    By getting some rest allows for the body to fight the ear infection. This is especially useful for children that suffer from ear infections. It is important to rest while suffering from an ear infection as this reduces the level of pain.

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