Signs & Symptoms Allergy to Animal Hair

With the trend that is going on in the present, people are more and more interested in keeping pets. Some are forced to buy them because of their children’s demand, while some of them are attracted towards the prospect of keeping pets such as dogs, cats and even birds. However with this purchase of animals, they might also be purchasing a unique kind of allergy that is potentially very hazardous and may turn out to be a source of sickness for people that are in constant contact and interaction with their lovable pets. Animal hair is a source of allergy these days and it mainly arises due to the immune system’s reaction towards the hair of the animal. This may also appear and happen via the saliva, urine or faeces of the pets. The immune system in response produces histamine and over 40 more chemicals to fight the allergen. There are several signs and symptoms for the allergic reaction and these are listed below.


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    Coughing and wheezing are the most common symptoms of the allergy. The sufferer develops a bad cough and wheezing. The type of the cough and wheezing depends upon the severity of the allergy and if the reaction is more volatile, the coughing and wheezing can further go on to exhibit breathing problems to the individual.

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    Itchy Eyes:

    Another symptom for the allergy is itchy eyes. The person suffering from the allergy may have red itchy eyes and this is also a cold like symptom and signature. This is also like the many nasal allergies and the doctor will have to prescribe you to some nasal anti allergic medication in order to get rid of the condition.

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    Runny Nose:

    A runny nose is another main symptom of the allergy. This is again like the type of runny nose that one experiences in the common cold condition. The runny nose may go on to lead to a stuffed nasal passage and will also be a cause of itchiness. Sneezing may also accompany the running nose condition and anti allergic sprays may be required to counter the affect.

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    Skin Reactions:

    Animal hair allergies may also cause skin reactions and this is also one of the main symptoms of the condition. These allergies usually develop on the skin of the neck and face.

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    A fever similar to the fever that one experiences in the common cold also accompanies the allergy and this occurs in patches.

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