How to Prevent Snoring Using Natural Remedies

Snoring is a common sleeping problem. Around 46% of all adults snore occasionally. Many pass off snoring as a joke and take the matter very lightly. For others, it is a big problem especially for those with sleeping partners who do not like the sound and can get disturbed from it. Snoring is caused by too much nasal and throat tissue which vibrates when you breath.

There are now many medicinal remedies for this problem as it has emerged as a major problem, especially for married couples. However, it is always better to use natural remedies as they are safer with no side effects.


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    Straight Sleep Position:

    Sleeping on your side makes a huge difference because it prevents the base of your tongue from collapsing to the back wall of your throat. This motion causes snoring and changing your sides can prevent it. Use option like body pillow and tapping a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas can help you keep the side posture while sleeping.

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    Clean Nasal Passage:

    If your nasal passage is stuffy, it can cause increase in snoring as it creates a vacuum in the throat. Before going to bed, use nasal decongestants and nasal strips to clear the throat so that there is no vacuum which will cause snoring. Rinse your nose out to open the narrow and clogged nasal pathways. You can also use a steam bath to flush open your nose.

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    Change Pillow:

    Changing the pillow regularly after every six months gets you rid of any dust deposits and allergens that can lead to snoring. Change the pillow covers weekly and sleep in a dust free area. It is also recommended that you keep your head elevated from the neck and eases breathing. Special pillows designed for reducing snoring are also available in the market.

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    When you breath dry air, it irritates the membranes in your nose and throat which can cause snoring. Keep yourself hydrated with at least eleven cups of water a day so that any nasal secretions are not sticky. Also install a humidifier in the bedroom to keep the environment air moist for breathing.

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    General lifestyle changes:

    Apart from all the home remedies, you need to make changes to your lifestyle too. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Avoid excess caffeine and also heavy meals. Get enough sleep so that your body is at rest.

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