How to Get Rid Of a Runny Nose Naturally

A runny nose can be irritating not only because you have to wipe it every now and then but also because it makes you look rather untidy and sick. It is quite possible that you may have a runny nose because of a fever, but many times this is not the case. Basically, when nasal tissues and blood vessels produce fluid or mucous in excess, that drains out of your nose and sometimes flows down to the back of your throat. Apart from fever, having cold, flu and allergies like pollen, dust, pets, smoke and spices can also result in a runny nose. There are a few handy ways that can help you get rid of a runny nose without making much fuss.


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    Find the cause

    The very first thing to do before you try to get rid of a runny nose is find out the cause. Often, a runny nose can be the result of some kind of an allergy, such as pollen, or it can also be viral. Hence, if you are allergic to something then is is better to take allergy medications prescribed by your doctor on a regular basis.

    Allergy can also cause runny nose
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    Ginger and Garlic

    Chewing ginger root can also stop a runny nose, as it creates warmth in your body. This remedy has proved to be the most preferred one by medical professionals. Besides, you can also have soups enriched with ginger and garlic.

    Ginger root can also be chewed
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    Steam intake and humid air

    Taking steam can certainly provide you instant relief and eliminate your nose problems in quick time. Besides, it is also advised to breathe humidified air as moisture prevents extra irritation of the already inflamed nasal passages.

    Inhale steam or humidified air
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    Nose blowing and applying pressure

    Try blowing your nose gently and not repeatedly, otherwise it can cause irritation on the skin that is between the nostrils.

    First apply pressure on nose
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    Saline Water

    Using a salt water solution can help clear out nasal secretions and remove irritants that cause a runny nose. Although you can purchase saline nasal sprays from local medical stores, preparing them at home can be more economically feasible. Take a cup of warm water and add half teaspoon table salt. Use an eyedropper to put the solution in your nose.

    Use Saline Water

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