How to Practice Withdrawal of the Senses Pose

Practicing withdrawal of the senses pose in yoga is an essential concept to an individual from outside to inside. This practice in yoga is very popular for people who want peace of mind. The removal of senses is a usual name of this yoga practice but it has also a philosophical name “Pratyahara”. The method also ensures that with perfect mastery of withdrawal of senses pose you will have the power and unique ability to see yourself. Many doctors also say that even if you are just starting out that practicing yoga is good for you.


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    Closing your eyes

    Close your eyes before you start practicing withdrawal of the senses pose. You can practice this pose with eyes blindfolded. It will create a huge impact on your senses. It will also give you balance while the rest of your senses will feel refined. If your visual references are being challenged with your eyes blindfolded, the other senses will deepen as well. The renewed sense of gratitude will also come as you pose for quite a while. Though it is important that you must close your eyes during the yoga practice, you also need to understand that the sense of giving attention to this idea that you will not be going to see anything during your session will enhance your power of feeling and breathing.

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    Calm senses of any panic

    Take a deep breath as it will calm your body down from any type of panic that you might be feeling. Draw your attention to your breath and feelings which will at the same time give you inner peace as well. Try to stay relaxed and clear your mind of any type of distractions.

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    Try to feel the difference in the air

    Feeling the difference in the air will certainly give rest to your other senses. Feel that you have solid earth beneath you. Try to get your feelings and senses to tune in to the air around you. This will give you a relaxed feeling of being one with nature. Let the air around you calm and soothe your senses while trying this yoga pose.

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    Taking asana practice

    Taking asana practice is also very important. Though it is not part of practicing withdrawal of the senses pose, but it is essential in yoga. It will give you required strength to perform other yoga sequences. Remember to take your time and soon you will be able to do this very effective yoga pose.

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