How to Stop Joint Pain Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Pain in joints has become a common problem. It is equally awful development in people suffering from obesity. In elderly people, the severity of the problem is even worse. The problem is so unpredictable and inconsistent in recovery that sometimes seeing a bones specialists even does not work. However, people have recovered from joints pain to be healthy again with easily accessible domestic solutions.

Regular use of apple cider vinegar is one of the most common local treatments that people can benefit from in getting relief from joints pain. You can use it as a standalone remedy or can take it by mixing it with juice or water.

There is no guarantee that you can quickly recover from joints pain by using vinegar or it is the only workable method you should rely on. You should immediately see your doctor if you think you are not getting any help from pain relief by using vinegar. Also, it is better to get treatment for the cause of pain as well. For example, if you have put too much weight, you should try to reduce your weight along with the treatment of pain. Every pound you gain in weight puts pressure on your knees, ankles and other joints.


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    Start With Two Spoons

    You can start taking apple cider vinegar with two table spoons two times a day. Although there is no specific recommended time to take, just before meals is the best way of its use. You may take two spoons just before lunch and two spoons just before dinner. Or you may have the same routine just before breakfast in the morning and then dinner in the evening. You can still take any other time you may feel easy because of your work routine or due to some other engagements.

    You can use vinegar either without mixing it with any other liquid or can mix it with water or juice. Diluting it with juice or water is the best way of its use, although it does not have an added impact as a remedy.

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    Wait for Progress

    After you start taking vinegar, wait for three or four days to feel any difference. If you think there is some relief in the pain, continue using vinegar. It is still recommended for regular use if you do not feel a difference in pain in the initial few days. Vinegar is not harmful to your body otherwise and if you use it regularly you may benefit from it at the end. Working on reducing your weight along with it is also the best way to get quicker benefits.

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    Drink a Lot of Water

    Whether or not you are getting help from use of vinegar, you should increase water intake. The more water you drink, the more you lose your weight and it will help you quickly get rid of pain in your joints. If you exercise, weight loss will strengthen your legs and joints and they add to your success in getting relief.

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    Lose Weight

    Excessive weight puts extra pressure on your joints, and they crack under the weight. All remedies will work to help you get relief from joints pain. Additional water intake, exercise and care in diet help reduce weight that could help in relief from pain.

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