How to Earn Money Teaching Quran Online From Home

Internet has given you excellent opportunities to make money and one of the best ways to earn money is teaching Quran online from home. Without compromising the comfort of your home, you can still make huge money by teaching Quran online. All that you need is a computer along with good internet connection.

Teaching Quran is a valuable opportunity which is open to everyone however only a few people have Quran close in their mind and heart. Such people can take this as an opportunity to teach others who have the thirst of learning Quran. They can project their personal website and set online training classes and make money through it. Right from home, you can start making money by teaching Quran to others. You literally serve as a driving force to educate and make other learn the holy book Quran. Take a while, and think! Read the steps below for more:


  • 1

    Design your website

    For being an online Quran teacher, you had to host your website. It is not required to have a large website design rather have a compact design with one or two pages. Make sure that you have your name as the website name in order to facilitate an easy access. The purpose of your website should be neatly portrayed and as well it is a wise idea to host some videos and references of your Qirat to grab the learner’s attention.

  • 2

    Set your social profile

    Getting a firm recognition in the internet is the bottom line for any successful business. You might not have any of your account with social networking websites however to build a strong relationship, you need a visible brand recognition. This could be possible only if you have social networking visibility. Setup your account with Linkedln, facebook, twitter and other networking websites in order to bring personal recognition. This is how, you can grab the public attention.

  • 3

    Market your skills

    Start advertising your services and skills through Youtube and other Medias. Design some videos and also add some of your work to bring customers attention. Social networking websites can very quickly spread the news like a fire, while billions of internet users will become acquainted with your services. Hence promote your services and skills through social media sites by creating a personal page and describe a few lines about yourself.

  • 4

    Select the payment gateway

    It is up to you to decide with the payment method. Never let the person to delay in making payments instead give them a feasible duration of time to settle the payments. When it comes to online learning, it is always recommended to get partial payment at the beginning of the training class either via credit cards or debit cards.

  • 5

    Select the technology

    Before getting started, just examine which technology you are convenient in using. It could either be Yahoo Messenger or MSN or GTALK or Skype or anything else. Just confirm which is comfortable for your educational use and use it rightly.

  • 6

    Customer testimonials

    Never forget to get your customers testimonials, as it adds value to your profile. The more reviews and testimonials you have, the longer and larger your business will be.

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